Deeyah's Khans Amazing "Meeting The Enemy"

Deeyah Khan, activist and filmmaker, has made a stunning film about White Supremacy in America. She has made a companion film on Jihadists. 


  • The Activists' mission is to make biographies that show the history of activism, and to show it in action now. 

The Activists: Lyme Stories


In "Lyme Stories" Lyme Activists fight for better treatment guidelines, and better treatment that insurance companies will cover, harkening to the early days of the AIDS treatment fight, led by ACT UP.

The Activists: Credico

Randy Credico's brilliant career in standup comedy and activism has seen him running the William Kunstler Foundation for Social Justice, exposing unjust, racist drug arrests in Tulia, Texas, and having them overturned, and successfully protesting New York's Investment in private for profit prisons,  which New York stopped doing under a year after this video was made, WATCH THE VIDEO

The Activists: Kimberle Crenshaw


Kimberle Crenshaw is the founder of intersectional activism. The Activists talks to her here about how she "Got Action" and the achievements of activism in her lifetime.  

The Activists: Cynthia Johnson fights For her Mothers Home


Cynthia Johnson spoke to us about a situation in which Morgan Stanley seized her mothers home based on one of their own alleged mistakes.

The Activists: Augustus Boal & The Theatre of The Oppressed


A piece on Augustus Boal's wonderful "Theatre of the Oppressed" developed over the 2nd half of the last century by Boal In Brazil and other parts of South America, and now existing in New York City and all over the world.