Mission Possible: "The Abraham Initiatives"

The Abraham Inititaives is the largest co existence initiative in the world.

Mission Possible: "The Ledahk Project"

A team from the Unversity of Haifa Makes Medical History in Leh, Ledahk, India.

Mission Possible


Mission Possible’s mission is to change the world-view of Israel, by presenting the stories of Israel’s amazingly humanitarian innovations and technology companies, and showing them in collaboration with governments, businesses and communities...all over the world.

Mission Possible in 60 Seconds

Recent 60 Second Spot For Mission Possible: Israel

Mission Possible: Zzapp Technologies Arnon Houri-Yafin

Sight Diagnostics research director and Zzapp Co's Arnon Houri Hafin is developing  what is arguably the most comprehensive approach to ending Malaria that has ever existed.

Mission Possible: Netafim Saves California Farming in 2014

In 2014, drip irrigation experts from Netafim installed drip irrigation systems  all over California, effectively supercharging farming after a 6 year drought. We spoke to export director Itzik Inbar at Hatzerim, where Netafim was founded in 1965.

Mission Possible Outreach Event/NYC Area/January 24, 2019

A look at an outreach event featuring Mission Possible's Director Milon Henry Levine in the greater NYC area on January 24th, 2019.

Mission Possible: Meet Start Up Nation Central


Israel is known as the "Start Up Nation."

We meet Start Up Nation Central's Galit Jacobowitz and Sight Diagnostic's CEO Yossi Pollack, and make an introduction to the work of the water activist Seth M. Siegal. 

Mission: Arnon Houri-Yafin Runs Anti Malarial Pilot in Ghana

Amazing pilot run of Arnon's Anti- Malarial mapping and imaging technology in Ghana.  This happened in early 2018..right around the time we spoke with Arnon in Tel Aviv. We'll have more on this as it develops.

Mission Possible: Forrest Innovations in Brazil


Forrest Innovations takes on insect populations. Sterile Insect Technology is being used by this company, operating out of a small office in Caesare, north of Tel Aviv, and one of the towns that Jesus was a Superstar in...to collaborate with the Government of Brazil to take on Zika. Sterile Insect Technology can work with Malaria....and with Tick populations in the USA.

Mission Possible: Back to The Garden


Vertical farming is a major part of the Israeli agricultural landscape. The"Solar Garden" is a magical place in Binyahim, and a magical educational project worldwide. It focuses on building vertical greenwall gardens at schools. We spoke to its founder and CEO Yaniv Feildust.

Mission Possible/Israel in 60 Seconds: Watergen in the USA

Watch the Video

Mission Possible: Check Point Cyber Security

Israel leads the world in Cyber Security. Check Point is its oldest Cybersecurity firm. America could use some partnership with Israeli Cybersecurity Experts to protect its elections in 2018.

Mission Possible: Nufiltration

Israel's Nufiltration uses recylced dialysis machines to filter water in very hard to reach communities in Africa and around the world. It uses a hand pump to purify water in communities that have no access to electricity.

Mission Possible: "The Laser Firefighter"

Dan Leigh has a special way of putting out firefighters that may well change the world.