60 Seconds: The Jerusalem Peace Pre School

A big contrast to the film below it, hopefull coexistence programs exist throughout Israel.

60 Seconds: Gaza Summer Camp

We usually keep things pretty positive here at 60 seconds. But this story is a very important part of the Middle Eastern Dialog. This is not leadership training...its not something positive for Gazan kids...its just embracing hate, and too many people overlook this story in the conflict....its a huge part of what Israelis are facing all the time. And way more reaching out to Gazans, rather than villifying Israelis, is what can change it. If Gazans can vote out Hamas...huge step forward.

60 Seconds: Netafim's Drip Irrigation Saves California

In 2014,  experts from Netafim, the world's first drip irrigation company, came to California and installed their system...basically supercharging (really actually saving) farming in America's top agricultural state.

60 Seconds: Saudi Arabia Plans Futuristic Tech City: NEOM

Check out this great video

60 Seconds: A Receding Desert That Can Save the World

Watch The Current Video

60 Seconds: History is Made For Saudi Arabian Women


This film was made by Aljazeera a little while ago...however today, June 23, 2018, is the actual day women got the right to drive legally in Saudi Arabia.

60 Seconds: Tel Aviv Collaborates with Brazil & Tackle Zika