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We Make Videos and Write Stories About Public Work.

To inspire more involvement, more transparency, less concern for power and more concern for engagement, effectiveness, compassion, economic opportunity everywhere, and a more honest and loving world.  


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Volunteer with us as a journalist, producer, fundraiser or a strategist. Making stories that change world views is an amazingly fulfilling occupation. Our stories are at the "Mission Possible" and "The Activists" tabs above, and at www.thefoundationnetwork.org  Become a distributor for us, or suggest one. We're listening. 


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We need it. Thanks in advance for telling us about important public service objectives that we don't know about yet.


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Support Public Service Media. Submit a video, a photo, a story. Help us fund shows like "The Activists" or "Mission Possible" or "The President Show." Let's make the world a little less about Politics and Power...and a little more about Genuine Public Service.

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